APT build the leading brand of segment ball valves

The segment ball valve is a quarter-turn senior control valve. V port valve core is designed with special shape of V notch, so have a lot of shear force and consecrated themselves function.Especially suitable for

Leading Knife Gate Valve/Segment Ball Valve Supplier

APT is a leading developer, manufacturer and distributer of high performance knife gate valve and segment ball valve in pipelines of pulp and paper mills, mineral processing & tailing systems of mining industry, waster & sewage processing for utilities and industries, ash processing of power stations and many other applications.


Founded in 1999, APT’s valves are firstly introduced in 2000 for the local pulp and paper industry, and then widely applied nationwide in China. Leveraging on this long experience of tight shut-off valves and control valves for extensive flow applications, we keep focusing our development team to make this technology go as far as possible nationally and internationally.

APT The products are widely used in the production of V-type ball valves, full-bore ball valves, high-performance butterfly valves, single-seat valves, double-seat valves, sleeve valves, three-way valves, knife gate valves, sampling valves, etc. 10 series, more than 1000 specifications The model control valve is widely used in the process control of various fluids in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, paper, food, pharmaceutical, sewage treatment and other industries.

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Water and Waster Water

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